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Q£ºI have a specific product that needs to be made, but I¡¯m unsure if it can be extruded or moulded. What can I do?
A£ºGo to our Contacts page and use one of the links. We will always try to help.Even if we cannot produce the parts for you ourselves, we are happy to recommend someone if we can

Q£ºHow much time do you need to quote?
A£ºUsually we give you a quotation in three working days, unless the product has a very special construction ,after we receive enquiry with all the necessary details. 
Pls contact us by email or phone we will have project engineer to get in touch with you immediately .

Q: How do you guarantee the quality of your products?
A: We make molds with strict procedures,and we get customers¡¯opinion frequently to ensure the quality.(Click here to ¡°Quality Control¡±)

Q: How much is it going to cost a mold?
A: It is difficult to answer,but we want to establish long terms business relations with you,so we prefer to lower our profits to meet your demand.

Q: What type of CAD files can you accept?
A: We can accept several different types fo files(PRT,STP,IGES,DXF,DWG,STL, and any more).

Q: How many years has your company involved in mould industry?
A: We have more than 13 years¡¯ experiences in making moulds.

Q: Can you simply describe your customers?
A:We have established a long terms business relations with BDCI Black & Decker,Korea HYOSUNG Machinery Industries,Sabin Khodro Co.,and so on.

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